Dear Santa, please bring me a safe and loving family.

Christmas is a time for family - and creating a caring and loving family for vulnerable children is at the heart of all our work. With your help this Christmas, we can make sure we are always there for adoptive and foster care families; providing support for both parents and children whenever they need us.

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Christmas Campaign 2022 from St Andrew's Children's Society  

Three days before Christmas 1922, we were trying to find homes for 3 babies, born to single mothers, unable to keep their babies. That was society’s norm in 1922.

100 years on, we are still working tirelessly to find homes for children unable to remain with their birth families, but now, with a team of highly skilled social workers, working with our adopters and foster carers to find the best possible families for those children. When that happens, at whatever time of the year, we are there to support our families forever. Please donate to ensure that support never fails.

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